Canberra Centre #AW16 Campaign

May 12, 2016

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, especially here in Canberra. Just before Anzac Day (when you’re ‘officially’ allowed to turn on the heating), the trees burst into a colour dance!

Nearly everywhere you look there are bright yellows, oranges and deep red leaves adorning the trees, it is almost like a painting. It is truly spectacular. What’s more, my inner (or not so inner) kid comes out when these beautiful leaves end up in piles and piles along the footpath – you just can’t help but jump in them!

I recently worked with Lab & Co and the Canberra Centre on an installation of autumn leaves to kick off their #AW16 Campaign.

Now I must be honest, this is the biggest project I’ve ever done, in the shortest time frame I’ve ever done. So it was a big one, but also a great one!

I had a ball working on this project and transforming the brass and copper components into their autumnal colours. Through various heating processes, you can get brass and copper to turn the most brilliant of colours! 

Here are some behind the scenes images of the project…. All 1200 leaves!




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