A special commission

August 01, 2017

Earlier this year I was approached to make a special commemorative gold cutlery set. In memory of my client's mum, we worked together to design a three piece cutlery set.

A beautiful idea, this set was an absolute joy to work on - right from beginning through to the finishing touches. 

Cutlery is a very three dimensional form, so much emphasis is placed on the shape, the weight, the balance, the overall feel. I worked initially with paper and pencil to sketch out design details, proportions and scale. I then progressed to working in plasticine. It gave me a way to 'sketch' out the designs three dimensionally - to see how the handle felt and to gauge how they sat best on a flat table top. From here I worked in wax to form the three piece set - by far the most time consuming - making sure each detail was just right and that the material weighs were accurate. Working in wax has it's benefits, but as I usually work in solid metals, it is so hard to gauge how a handle is progressing when it is light as a feather! From there it was cast in gold and I hand finished each piece to a beautiful soft satin lustre. 



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