A Window Into Our World Of Making

November 24, 2019

This time of year sees us flat out on the tools. Working away on our jewellery and tableware collections to ensure that they available through the busy season for you to add to your collections - it is a hectic and rewarding time.

We're so proud to see our individually crafted collections being gifted and shared amongst loved ones and we always love seeing them out in the wild! Whether it is a piece of jewellery that elevates your mood or reminds you of someone special, or a piece of tableware that becomes part of your daily ritual and something you reach for time and time again - crafting pieces that become part of your life is incredibly special. 

We're tucked away here in a lovely small town, we know making and manufacturing by hand isn't often part of everyone's everyday. But for us we live and breath it - and we love it! 

So we wanted to share a little window into our world. Come along for a visual tour of what's been happening...

Quality control checking each knife that makes up our Cheese Tool set


Fine sanding of the cheese knife edges


Our Cheese Tools laid out ready for a final clean and then packaging


Packaging each Cheese Tool set into our custom packaging


Sanding and quality checking each of our Big Spoons after they have been hydraulically pressed


At this end of the year - our busiest time - it's all hands on deck with Badger and Ant in the workshop too!

 Final edge sanding for each of our spoons – and two piles, left and right so we always have matching sets!


Final cleaning of our Big Spoons (above) and our Scoops and Little Spoons (below) before we packaging them


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