Designing Our New Collection

May 29, 2020

We often get asked about what inspires us and how we go about designing and making new work. So with the launch of our new collection, we thought it was high time we shared a little more behind the scenes about these new pieces. 

Some of you will already know this, but we don’t design and release new collections often or in-line with seasons. Instead, we rather take the time for our ideas to flow, to prototype and experiment, to design and craft the necessary tooling we might need to help us make our pieces. This process often takes months and months of work - back and forth experiments and discussions - until we’re happy. After which, we begin to make our final samples of each piece for photography. We keep these samples in the workshop as our ‘master samples’ to make sure we’ve got it handy should we need to check a detail or show a customer up close.

Once launched into the world, we hand make each piece to order as you place your orders with us.


We thought we’d host a little Q + A session with ourselves... 


How does each new collection begin?

Each new collection we develop starts off as individual pieces. These pieces often begin their long journey as a sketch, a paper model or a roughly formed metal prototype.  We go back and forth from quick scribble like line drawings to paper and metal models. Often something that may work exceptionally well in paper may not translate as we planned in metal. Sometimes this leads us back to the drawing board, but other times it leads us down a whole new path of possibilities. We like to keep prototypes, experiments, unfinished pieces around us in the studio. Often these ideas just need more time to mull over in the back of our minds, sometimes subconsciously working away in there, until the right moment to re-visit it.

What has inspired the new collection?

We like to surround ourselves with images, objects and materials that we find inspiring and intriguing, we often look to architecture and nature for inspiration. The play of light, shadow and texture on buildings, trees and unusual structures stimulates us and helps to guide and refine the design process. 


Minimalism, timelessness and elegance are central aesthetics of all your work. Have you always designed work that encapsulates these ideas?

We strive to keep these concepts in all of our pieces and they have always been an important part of how we work and design. Keeping it simple is a key aspect to good design. 

As each piece gets closer to its final design, we test its size, weight and how it will look and feel when worn. Little adjustments are made to really capture the intention behind each piece.


How often do you introduce new pieces into your collection?

Our aim is to make pieces that will last a lifetime and transcend the trends of fast fashion.  With this in mind, we design new collections as new ideas are formed and refined.  


What materials are the new pieces made from?

Silver is often our material of choice for much of our jewellery as it is so versatile to work with but also because it has such a rich warm lustre. Silver can also be oxidised a wonderful black colour. This oxide gradually wears away on edges and high-points over time revealing the bright silver underneath, creating a beautiful tonal shift from black to silver. Stainless steel also features in our new collection, it is a robust material and has a beautiful dark contrast against the silver.


How do you imagine your pieces being worn?

Each piece is designed for the everyday. Whether it's to finish an outfit or add something special to brighten the day, we create pieces that are reached for again and again adding a little bit of timeless style to each day.   






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