EDEN | Health & Wellness Sanctuary

September 21, 2016

EDEN has been described as an “Australian first” health and wellness experience.

The EDEN experience is designed to give you a helping hand, with a series of classes and workshops to help you reconnect with yourself and discover inner tranquility through meditation, harmony and mindfulness.

Certainly not what you’d expect to find in a shopping centre in the middle of Canberra!


The Canberra Centre has really been setting it’s self apart of late. It is refreshing to see larger businesses investing in something different – looking at the way they can team up with local creatives, niche experts and approach things from a whole new perspective.

We were so thrilled to be along for the ride on this big project!

Tasked with creating the artistic installation that encloses the EDEN space – it was a huge undertaking. Measuring around 13 metres across the space and using 3000 components – impact was what we were after!

Constructed from anodised aluminium, each component was bent by hand (that’s 9000 bends, not that we’re counting…) then individually strung and spaced to create this unique installation.

In conjunction with the main installation we designed and created three smaller artworks that accompany each of the interactive iPad stations, bringing a little piece of EDEN to each area of the Canberra Centre.


The EDEN experience is at Level 1, Canberra Centre (near Country Road) from September 8 to October 30.

There is a wonderful selection of classes and workshops scheduled over the next month or so. You can find out more about them here.



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