Fink Collaborative Jug Project

June 15, 2020

About the project

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to be a part of this wonderful project. During the last few months it's been a topsy turvy and very nervous time for small businesses like ours and Fink & Co. so it was wonderful to be able to spend a little time working on this creative project, something out of the ordinary! 

This project is a beautiful homage to the late Robert Foster, designer and founder of FINK & Co, who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2016 and is deeply missed.

FINK & Co has a long history of collaborating, mentoring and supporting fellow artists, designers and craftspeople. Fifteen creatives have been chosen for this project, all of whom have had a direct connection to Robert and/or FINK over the 27 years of the company’s history.

Provided with a blank FINK jug to begin, each participant was tasked with responding to this iconic Australian design object in the manner of our own choosing, informed by our personal practice. The finished bespoke artworks created as a result of this collaboration will be auctioned live online.

My approach and ideas

I immediately knew I wanted to celebrate the mark of the maker and in some way pay homage to the traditional silversmithing craft of hammer raising - something Robbie and I both trained in and love. 

This traditional technique has informed and inspired much of my own work, and is a process that I love and find truly rewarding. It is also a technique and skill that Robbie absolutely excelled at. Raising is the making of hollow forms from flat sheet through repetitive hand hammer work. Robbie took his skill and aptitude for raising and innovated and advanced his practice into new and exciting areas, always pushing ideas and what was possible to realise the seemingly impossible. Robbie shared his tips and advice of silversmithing with me during my time of nearly 5 years working at Fink & Co and both gave me the confidence to continue to develop my practice, not to give up on silversmithing and push into new ways of working. 

A few images I captured during the making of my Fink Jug for this project are below. Perhaps a little unconventional, but I filled my jug with plaster (rather than the traditional pitch) to support the shape whilst I textured the surface with my raising hammer. I slowly worked over the surface allowing the hammer lines to flow along the curves of the jug. 

The surface was bead blasted and then taken to the Fink team for anodising. I chose the lovely bordeaux colour, a Fink jug colour I've always loved! And as Gretel shared with me, a rich deep red, much like red wine - a favourite of Robbie's! 

Each of the jugs will be available to purchase through an online auction launching on Friday June 26 and will close on Sunday June 28. The jugs will be available to view in-person at the Fink & Co. workshop by appointment on Friday June 26 only - to book a viewing time, click here.

I loved working on this project, and hope my jug goes to a lovely new home, to continue to share the wonderful design and manufacture of Fink & Co and the legacy of Robert Foster. 


View the live auction : 
Live bidding from 5pm Friday 26th June - 5pm Sunday 28th June.




On the right hand side, the final piece: 'Bordeaux Tempo'


Left: Before anodising
Right: The final completed piece, 'Bordeaux Tempo'


Fink & Co -





2 Responses

Fiona Kemeny
Fiona Kemeny

May 25, 2021

Dear Alison,
I am so incredibly lucky to have been given your magnificent artwork as a present by my sister, also called Alison.
My sister introduced me to Fink jugs about 10 years ago, I love them so much that I gave a Fink jug to each of my children when they turned 21yrs. (They pour beautifully and are so gorgeous to look at- such great design – function and aesthetics).
I was so terribly sad when I heard of Robert’s death.
I was aware of the recent collaboration between Fink and a number of artists but never dreamed that I would be privileged enough to own your piece.
I would like to reassure you that this piece is on display in a prominent position in my house and is used regularly at dinner time.
Red is my favourite colour and the hammer raising contours give the jug a wonderful texture. Thank you so very much . The jug is treasured.
Thank you, Fiona.

Angela Pappaterra
Angela Pappaterra

August 05, 2020

Alison, your Jug is absolutely gorgeous!! I loved the shape and texture you have done to it and the red colour really excel and accentuate the design. Congratulations and I hope your Jug will be bought and it will be loved with that same passion that you put in the making of it.
Good luck my dear friend!!

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