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Makers' Mark


A makers’ mark is a stamp that is like an artists’ signature on their work. Usually in the form of the makers’ initials or small graphic logo, it is stamped on the underside of their work so others can identify it – think Antiques’ Roadshow and the discovery of valuable (or not so valuable) pieces that have been in the attic since great granddad put them there.

I think of a makers’ mark as quite a personal thing, after all it is what lets others identify that piece as yours for years to come. Often they become quite iconic and instantly recognisable. They are small - about 1 – 3mm in diameter - unobtrusive, but also are a beautiful detail that completes a piece of work.

It is no quick decision to redesign your makers’ mark.

I have recently made a big decision to give my whole brand a refresh. This involved a new logo, new colour palette and a re design of my homepage – and a new makers’ mark. This one sat with me for a while, it took me a while to decide it was the time to let the old makers’ mark go, and invest in a new mark that was cohesive with my other branding, yet still uniquely me.

I designed my first makers’ mark in my final days at uni, when that sudden realization hits that you’re about to be tossed out into the big world and you need to find your feet, and fast!

I sketched so many ideas in the back of a notebook, basing it around my initials A and J and the idea that all my work done to date was generally quite round in design. It took the form of a little circle made from a J and the A sitting central in the design. It was my first real investment in a tool as a new graduate.

It’s been my mark from 2008 to 2016. So it has served me well, but over the years my work has changed, my artistic direction has developed and things have evolved as I’ve grown up. It was time for a change. And I thought, after much pondering, that if I’m refreshing my branding, this was at the heart of it and my makers’ mark needed a refresh too. It was best just go all out!

My new markers’ mark is beautiful and cohesive with my new branding. It is strong, yet refined and elegant. It really speaks to who I am and what my work is. I hope you love it as much as I do.