Our Mothers' Day Edit

April 25, 2020

This year’s Mothers’ Day Edit is an extra special one.

I wanted to share a little more about my own Mum this year. I asked Mum if she would have a chat with me about her favourite jewellery pieces, which she so generously agreed to do. She has also assured me that there is no way she would wear my jewellery if she didn’t genuinely like it, irrespective of the fact her daughter made it – now my Mum’s pretty straight talking and honest – so I believe her!

Mum is similar to me, or rather I’m similar to her, in so many ways. For better or worse, it’s been mentioned the likeness of our stubbornness. We can quite easily talk to each other for an hour or two about not much in particular without pausing, and then do it again the next day. Lately we’ve exchanged motivational text messages to prove to each other we’ve done our promised exercise… her walks around the neighbourhood, my jog-walks around town (let’s be honest I’m still working my way up to proper runs), our plans for veggie patches, recipe ideas and even posting yeast in the mail so she can try her hand at baking bread.

Although Mum would never admit to this, she is very creative and talented. Teaching herself the ins and outs of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and a myriad of other things. Mum doesn’t let much stop her and she is a huge inspiration to me and a pillar of strength when things are tricky.

Another way we are very similar is that neither of us actually wear much jewellery. Mum wears small little stud earrings most days and on special occasions she’ll wear a special necklace or more recently I’ve even convinced her to try some long dangly earrings once in a while!


Open Chain Necklace  &  Loop Earrings


In light of travel restrictions at the moment, I wasn’t able to head to Sydney and snap some images of Mum. But a HUGE thanks to my Dad for stepping in as photographer as I watched on via video. What a team effort and I’m so thankful to them both for being so willing to help.

And so some thoughts my Mum shared with me about the pieces she is drawn to wear and why…

I wear my Open Chain Necklace on more dressy occasions. It really goes with so much of my wardrobe and I just chuck it on (in a delicate way of course!) and go –  it’s a no effort kind of piece that instantly dresses things up. I also love that you can see the hammer marks where each link has been flattened. 


Even though my Loop Earrings are quite large, they’re so lightweight and have a delicacy about them with their fine hoop. They’re almost so light I forget I have them on, I find it annoying when earrings hit against my neck all the time, so the lightness of these ones are really lovely.  


POP Earrings


Eclipse Earrings



My silver POP earrings were my everyday earrings before I started wearing my new Eclipse Earrings. I have the smaller size and they’re so good for every day. I can wear them if I’m dressed up going out – I love the way the light reflects off them – and I can also wear them every day. The highlighted edge on them is beautiful and the curved shape catches the light.


My new favourite earrings, the little Eclipse Earrings I wear every day and really only take them off to give them a clean once in a while. I love how comfortable they are, they’re easy to wear wherever I am and with whatever I’m wearing. Their simplicity is what really stands out to me.


Open Chain Necklace & Reflect Earrings


A sneak peak of our new Splice Earrings coming soon




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