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Our Mothers' Day Gift Guide


Around We Go Earrings 

Playful and contemporary, these are our go-to earring when we aren't sure which to wear! Featuring a moving hoop through the centre they are lots of fun to wear. A secure stud style means you won't be loosing one of these! 



Big Spoons

The a perfect serving spoon for salads + shared dishes. Handmade in stainless steel, they are both durable and dishwasher friendly - meaning it'll be a breeze to clean up after your next dinner party!



Snowdrop Earrings

An elegant short drop style, these sterling silver Snowdrop earrings feature a scalloped edge detail with a little extra sparkle to their finish. They are perfect to wear both day to day and on dressier evenings out! 




Mini Chain Necklaces

One of our classic designs, the Mini Chain Necklace is one of our most popular pieces. A shorter style necklace that is flexible to wear with so many styles! 



Speckled Stud Earrings

These sweet solid sterling silver studs are a perfect everyday earring. Featuring speckled detailing, they catch the light beautifully and are effortless to wear. They are a great gift idea for mum's with little ones (no ear pulling please!) 



Butter Knives

Butter lovers unite! What better way to spread that deliciously salty but smooth butter on freshly baked bread than your very own spiffy butter knives. One of the very first pieces in our Tableware collection, we love the way the Butter Knife sits on the table - a little intriguing as an object. But as soon as you pick it up, it falls into the hand in just the right way - ready for lathering that butter!




Textured Hoop Earrings

For the statement loving mum - bold and striking with a beautiful hammered texture detail. Wear these earrings with ease, a great statement for any day - but still lovely and light so your ear lobes won’t be aching all night long!


Tea Scoops

A perfect way to embrace the change of seasons. Make your tea time just that little bit more special with our handcrafted Tea Scoops!