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Signature Collection

Classic, timeless and elegant


The Signature Collection began when I first stepped out of uni and into my very own workshop.

A fairly daunting time, but nothing determination and stubbornness couldn’t fix. I’ve always wanted to make and I’ve never really ever thought about doing anything else (except for my brief backup plan of becoming a pastry chef).

And so make is what I did. 

I experimented and played, explored my ideas and took them to market. I had a couple of stockists and I sold my work directly to my customers at markets. This was invaluable; I could see right away people’s response to my work – what they were drawn to, the questions they asked, the pieces they purchased and for who they were shopping for.

It was also a steep learning curve. Out in the world after university, it became a fast realisation that time cost money. No longer could I always justify spending days, weeks and months on a single piece (although I did this as much as I could squeeze in). I needed to make in an efficient way, without compromising on quality or smother my creativity.

And so the pieces I made evolved and changed. Making something once is one thing, being able to make it again and again to the same high quality is quite another. I designed little systems and tools to help this process. Some pieces fitted this process perfectly, others need much more problem solving - and some, as much as I loved them, had to be left behind to allow others the flourish.

Over the last eight years the Signature Collection has grown significantly.

This year it was wonderful to sit down and take the time to look over it. To decide which pieces that may have appeared fleetingly years earlier were ready for a comeback. And then also, which pieces have been a part of this collection for many years, but perhaps it now it is time for a break.

Not easy choices to make, but so rare to have the time and space to look back over your work and make these decisions.

I feel that the Signature Collection is now all the better for it.

The essence is still the same. Classic, timeless and elegant. Designed as classic staples, each piece is easily wearable - just as suitable for everyday wear as they are for a special occasion. 

And as with every piece we make, it is proudly handmade by us in our Queanbeyan workshop.

I hope you enjoy the collection, head on over and have a browse – and please, as always, get in touch with any questions you have along the way!

Photography by Andy Mullens