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The Joy of Making

Earlier in the year I was invited by Bilk Gallery to exhibit in a group exhibition about vessels. With my solo exhibition of 48 tableware pieces just completed late last year, I felt like I had a reinvigorated drive to make objects again.

It never really went away, but up until my solo exhibition last year it had been somewhat on the back burner. Other exciting creative projects took the lead and a whole lot of energy and work was invested in my production ranges of jewellery and tableware.

Whilst I enjoy every aspect of my practice – small run production jewellery and tableware – teaching – commission work and other one off pieces – the chance to make vessels, with an open brief is something I jump at.

It has also been a really interesting time for my object making. I’ve always been drawn to make functional vessels. The (amazing) double whammy of meeting David Clarke and participating in a workshop with Susan Cohn, made me question everything. Two notable and highly regarded craftspeople, they are anything but conventional in their approach to craft and thinking.

At the time I was a little sensitive to new ideas, it turned everything I learnt in my traditional Silversmithing training on its head. Now - nearly a year on, it is something I am starting to digest, I keep these new thoughts ticking over in my head.

As I trundle along on this making journey I’m not as fixed on the functional with these new works. It’s quite refreshing not to fret over whether it will be food safe, will the surface be stable and how will it pour? But instead focus on the ideas, the sense of play and quirkiness.

Maybe this means my objects are now sculptures? Who knows, there are so many names that can be placed onto objects, putting them into a box, so to speak. I don’t mind how people think of them - I just want to make things that aren’t too serious, sometimes a little quirky, a bit of fun.

Because really it is the joy of making that I love.



L-R: Wheal Busy, Thimble Tube, Flue Sticks, Soot Foot



David Walker, Mark Vaarwerk, Inari Kiuru, Vito Bila, Alison Jackson, Mark Edgoose and Robert Foster 

9 September - 8 October 2016



  1. a ship or large boat.

synonyms: boat, sailing boat, ship, yacht, craft, watercraft; More

  1. a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask.

synonyms: container, receptacle, repository, holder, carrier; More


In traditional silversmithing, constructing or raising a vessel is one of the cornerstones of the guild. Vessels are steeped in tradition and ritual, they lauded for their technical ability and marvelled at for their beauty and flair.  While Contemporary vessels and their makers acknowledge the history of the tradition, their use of materials and construction techniques expose new forms and explore the outer boundaries and endless possibilities of the notion of a vessel. The makers in this exhibition are no exception to this.