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Care Instructions



Silver wears beautifully over time, it polishes itself in areas of wear and scratches and marks often add character and warmth to the piece.

My pieces have all been finished with a soft satin surface. To restore this finish to your piece, use warm soapy water with a gentle abrasive, such as ScotchBrite™, in a circular motion on all surfaces. Please do this gently over the surface to ensure you don’t damage the piece. Dry with a soft cloth.


Oxidising silver is a rapid process that gives a deep grey/black surface finish to the silver. Sometimes referred to as blackening, this oxide or patina is only a surface finish. The oxidised surface will wear slowly over time revealing the natural bright silver colour underneath. Abrasive materials will cause the surface to wear more quickly, and so it is recommended to keep your piece away from any rough surfaces or objects. I apply a thin wax to all oxidised pieces which helps to deepen and even out the colour.

If you would like the black oxidised surface restored on your piece simply contact me and I can re apply the oxide. Please note a small fee may apply.                              


Stainless steel is very easy to look after. All of the tableware pieces made in stainless steel have a soft satin finish. If your piece gets small rub marks or shiny areas, simply use warm soapy water with a gentle abrasive, such as ScotchBrite™, in a circular motion on all surfaces to return the finish. Stainless steel is dishwasher safe, however it is recommend you simply clean your piece with warm soapy water. Placing it in the dishwasher will give it an extra sparkle if it becomes dull over time.


Copper has a beautiful warmth and glow that is a striking addition to your home.

Copper naturally oxidises or tarnishes quite quickly when left with an untreated surface. To prevent this, each of my copper vessels and copper planters have two coats of lacquer applied to the surface as a barrier to this surface oxidisation.

To clean, simply wipe clean with a soft cloth, do not leave water droplets on the surface.

Copper Planters

They are perfectly suited to small plants such as succulents and cacti as well as for use as a small vase. When planting succulents, it is recommended that you place a thin layer of charcoal at the bottom of the planter with a layer of sphagnum moss over the top. Then plant your succulent using good quality cacti and succulent potting mix. Make sure you wipe the surface clean after planting. Please be aware that the inside surface will oxidise and darken in colour once used as a planter.

Copper Vessels

The copper vessels are functional small vessels suitable for use as a striking centerpiece, a jewellery dish to store all your precious pieces or as a serving vessel. Please note that it is not suitable for any hot or greasy foods and it is recommended that it only be used for dry foods such as nuts or similar. To clean, wipe clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.