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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the jewellery and tableware?

Alison and her tiny team hand makes all of her jewellery range,  from start to finish. She is an award winning jeweller and silversmith who has spent the last eight years developing and working on her art practice and her expanding her skill set. She now has the assistance of her lovely studio assistant. You can meet the team here.

Alison's tableware range is also all hand made. The making of this range is shared jointly by Alison and her partner Dan Lorrimer. Between them, they have two fully equipped metal workshops with a large range of custom tools and machinery suited to anything from jewellery through to large scale sculpture. Each piece of tableware has had custom tooling designed and made by Dan and is made by hand in small production runs by Alison and Dan. 


How do I care for my piece?

Please refer to the care instructions. There are details about how to care for the different metals used in my work. Please remember that each piece has been made by hand and should be treated with care.
If you need additional tips - please send Alison an email through the contact page and she will be in touch.

My silver piece has tarnished. How do I clean it?

For stubborn areas of tarnish, Alison recommends using a silver polishing cloth. This will give the piece a more polished surface finish. To return the satin finish, simply use warm soapy water and a gentle abrasive on the surface. Please get in touch if you would like Alison to give your piece a good clean and return it to its original finish. 

How are the chain lengths measured?

All chain lengths are measured lying flat from end to end, as if you were measuring the length of a piece of string. The product description states if it includes the pendant from this measurement, otherwise assume it is not. For example, the Open Chain necklace is measured including the oblong links as they don't interrupt the small chain from which they hang. Where as the Curved Cluster Necklace does not include the pendant oval links as they hang as a cluster and are hard to measure flat.
You can measure out a piece of string and place it around your neck to get an idea of how the necklaces would sit on you.

Can I order a necklace with a different length chain?

Yes, necklaces can be made longer or shorter. However, please bear in mind there are limitations with this as it does change the design of the piece. Please contact Alison to discuss your custom necklace prior to ordering as some extra charges may apply.

Do you teach workshops and classes?

Yes we sure do! We have developed a small range of metalsmithing workshops that we teach through Pocket Studio. You can read all about them over at