The Art of Silversmithing

Much of our work is inspired by Alison’s love, skill and knowledge of traditional Silversmithing. Traditionally, a silversmith is a craftsperson making hollow vessels and objects in metal and perhaps confusingly, not restricted to working in silver (though they often did). Silversmith’s made objects from a flat sheet of metal working them into a hollow form. Pieces included things for the table setting – vases, beakers, plates, cutlery, candlestick holders, toast racks and milk and sugar sets.  

It is a labour-intensive process, one that takes time, patience and skill. There is something about the process that is almost meditative as the metal is hammered and worked, slowly forming the desired shape.

As part of Table Tools, a solo exhibition of Alison’s work in 2015, a video accompanied part of the work. You can read more about that work, 10 Vessels 10 Days, here.

Watch below, this video documents one day, capturing the hand raising of a small silver cup. It also gives you a peek into our first and much loved studio space of ten years.