Ring Sizing


How to measure your ring size?
It is best to have your ring size measured by your local jeweller for a true and correct sizing.
Alternatively, you can purchase one of our at-home ring sizing guides here.

What is the diameter of a ring?
It is the measurement in a straight line passing from side to side through the internal centre of the ring (see diagram below).

What is the circumference of a ring?
It is the measurement of the enclosed boundary/surface of the ring (see diagram below).


Have questions? Unsure of your ring size? Please reach out if you have queries regarding sizing before placing your order. Contact us here.


 Australian / UK Ring Size Diameter in mm Circumference in mm
H 14.95 mm 46.98 mm
I 15.34 mm  48.21 mm
J 15.73 mm 49.43 mm
K 16.12 mm 50.66 mm
16.51 mm
51.88 mm
16.90 mm
53.11 mm
17.29 mm
54.34 mm
17.68 mm
55.56 mm
P 18.07 mm 56.79 mm
Q 18.49 mm 58.01 mm
R 18.85 mm 59.24mm
S 19.24 mm 60.46 mm
T 19.63 mm 61.69 mm
U 20.02 mm 62.92 mm
V 20.41 mm 64.14 mm
W 20.80 mm 65.37 mm
X 21.19mm 66.59 mm
Y 21.58 mm 67.82 mm
Z 21.97 mm 69.04 mm