Ring Sizing


 Australian / UK Ring Size Diameter in mm Circumference in mm
H 14.95 mm 46.98 mm
I 15.34 mm  48.21 mm
J 15.73 mm 49.43 mm
K 16.12 mm 50.66 mm
16.51 mm
51.88 mm
16.90 mm
53.11 mm
17.29 mm
54.34 mm
17.68 mm
55.56 mm
P 18.07 mm 56.79 mm
Q 18.49 mm 58.01 mm
R 18.85 mm 59.24mm
S 19.24 mm 60.46 mm
T 19.63 mm 61.69 mm
U 20.02 mm 62.92 mm
V 20.41 mm 64.14 mm
W 20.80 mm 65.37 mm
X 21.19mm 66.59 mm
Y 21.58 mm 67.82 mm
Z 21.97 mm 69.04 mm



What is the diameter of a ring?
It is the measurement in a straight line passing from side to side through the internal centre of the ring.

What is the circumference of a ring?
It is the measurement of the enclosed boundary/surface of the ring.

How to measure your ring size?
It is best to have your ring size measured by your local jeweller for a true and correct sizing.


We are working on an at-home ring sizing guide, coming soon. 


Please reach out if you have queries regarding sizing before placing your order. Contact us here